The Skullcandy Mod XT enters the arena of budget true wireless earbuds, aiming to offer affordability without compromising essential features. With an IP55 rating, Bluetooth multipoint, and solid isolation capabilities, the Mod XT aims to cater to users seeking reliable performance without breaking the bank. In this review, we examine the key aspects of the Skullcandy Mod XT to determine how it fares in the competitive realm of budget-friendly earbuds.

Design and Build: The Skullcandy Mod XT presents itself as a minimalist true wireless earbud option, showcasing a matte black design that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic. The individual earbuds, featuring silicone ear tips in varying sizes, offer a comfortable fit and a familiar Skullcandy logo. However, the case’s hinge feels slightly fragile, and the case’s security might be compromised in certain scenarios.

Comfort and Wearability: Wearing the Skullcandy Mod XT is generally comfortable, thanks to the well-fitting small ear tips. The earbuds’ oval shape and lightweight design contribute to a pleasant wearing experience. However, the lack of stabilizing ear wings might limit the earbuds’ suitability for intense physical activities. The IP55 rating provides water and dust resistance, making them suitable for everyday use.

Controls and App Integration: The earbuds feature physical buttons rather than capacitive touch controls, which can sometimes lead to discomfort during use. The Skullcandy app enhances the Mod XT’s usability, allowing users to monitor battery levels, customize touch controls, and adjust the equalizer settings. Tile integration provides the convenience of tracking lost earbuds, though it requires granting location permissions.

Connectivity and Battery Life: Bluetooth 5.2 powers the Mod XT, supporting SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. The addition of Bluetooth multipoint enables seamless switching between devices. The battery life aligns with Skullcandy’s claims, offering around seven hours of playback and an additional 27 hours from the case. The inclusion of USB-C charging and rapid charging capabilities adds to its convenience.

Sound Quality and Isolation: The Mod XT’s sound profile features a notable bass boost, catering to listeners who enjoy a more bass-heavy experience. The frequency response chart reveals a close adherence to the Headphone Preference Curve, providing satisfactory sound quality across genres. The earbuds’ isolation capabilities effectively reduce low-end noise, contributing to an improved listening experience.

Microphone Performance: The microphone performs well in quiet environments, delivering intelligible voice quality. However, background noise can cause voices to cut out, emphasizing the need for using the earbuds in quieter settings.

Alternatives and Conclusion: The Skullcandy Mod XT competes within the budget true wireless earbud segment, offering durability, good sound quality, and customization options. While physical button controls might pose a challenge for some users, the overall performance and features make the Mod XT a viable choice. Alternatives such as the JLab JBuds Air Pro and Jabra Elite 3 offer different trade-offs in sound and features, catering to diverse preferences. Ultimately, the Skullcandy Mod XT caters to those seeking an affordable and functional true wireless earbud option without compromising on essential aspects.

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