Welcome to our review of the KOFIRE UG-06 gaming headset. KOFIRE aims to provide gamers with an immersive gaming experience through their high-quality headsets. In this review, we will explore the design and comfort of the UG-06, its features and control options, connectivity options, battery life, sound quality, microphone performance, and provide alternative options for those seeking different choices. Let’s dive into the details of the KOFIRE UG-06 gaming headset and determine if it meets the expectations of gamers looking for an affordable wireless option.

Design and Comfort:

The UG-06 gaming headset offers all-day comfort with its adjustable headband and fully-enclosing earmuff design. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit even during extended gaming sessions. The wireless feature of the headset allows for convenient use without worrying about battery life. The comfort and durability of the UG-06 make it suitable for prolonged gaming sessions or content creation activities.

Features and Control:

The UG-06 gaming headset features seven kinds of colorful breathing RGB lights that create an immersive gaming atmosphere. However, it is important to note that while the headset is wireless for gaming, it does not support Bluetooth connectivity out of the box. Instead, it comes with a receiver dongle that needs to be connected to the USB port. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity may be a downside for some users. Additionally, the volume control wheel has been criticized for its appearance and quality, resembling a dated design.

Connectivity Options:

The UG-06 gaming headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 and offers wide compatibility. It can be wirelessly connected to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC consoles using the included adapter. It can also be directly connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and cellphones. Wired mode is available for cellphone, laptop, PC, and console use.

Battery Life:

The UG-06 wireless gaming headset boasts an impressive 48-hour playtime with the RGB lights turned off. This ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions without worrying about the battery running out. For continuous gaming, a 3.5mm jack cable can be used in wired mode.

Sound Quality:

The UG-06 gaming headset features a 50mm super-size audio driver that provides a wider sound field and powerful resolution. EQ compensation allows for automatic sound adjustment, creating a 3D immersive audio experience for games, music, and movies. The high fidelity stereo sound effects produced by the 50mm audio driver unit and EQ compensation enhance the overall audio quality.

Microphone Performance:

Equipped with a dual microphone design, the UG-06 gaming headset offers clear voice communication during games. The concealable omnidirectional dual microphone design allows for better sound isolation and clearer calls with HD voice. The microphone can be easily muted by pressing a button on the headset.


For those seeking alternative options, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset offers THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound, detachable microphone, and compatibility with various platforms. The Tatybo Gaming Headset and Pacrate Gaming Headset are also recommended alternatives with noise-canceling microphones and compatibility with multiple platforms.


The KOFIRE UG-06 gaming headset provides a budget-friendly option for gamers seeking a wireless gaming headset. While it may not offer all the features of higher-end headsets, it delivers a comfortable fit, decent sound quality, and a long battery life. It is important to consider personal preferences and budget when choosing a gaming headset. If you are on a budget or do not prioritize audio quality as much, the UG-06 can be a suitable option. However, those seeking higher audio fidelity may want to invest in more expensive alternatives.

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